Welcome to Free Spirited Fitness! I’m Erin and I’m wildly obsessed with living a fun and healthy life.

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Some of you may know me from my OG blogging days as Running Tall

I started blogging for the same reason everyone else does – MONEY AND FAME.


But for real, I started blogging because I absolutely love writing, connecting with people, and sharing stories. My passion is fitness and living a healthy and balanced life.

That sounds so cliché, right? That’s just me. I’m one of those people who love to workout, play sports, and try all the crazy fitness fads….and then post about it online for all of the world to see.

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Free Spirited Fitness is a place where I like to share my stories about fitness, health, and real life. I work in marketing from 9-5 and teach Zumba twice a week to pay for those life necessities – and a wedding! I also have my canfitpro Personal Training certification and am currently working towards a Bachelor of Kinesiology. I told you I liked this fitness stuff!

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When I’m not working, shaking it at Zumba, or writing exams, I’m probably trying the latest fitness trend, watching too much TV, or hanging out with my little fam jam:

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Mike is my fiancé and is always up to try whatever crazy health thing I’ve come across lately. Whole30? On board. Running a half marathon? On board. Taking ballroom dance classes? ON. BOARD.

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The third member of our tiny family unit is our insanely spoiled chocolate lab, Sadie.


I take way too many pictures of her and now she’s obsessed with the camera. Especially during yoga pictures.



Why “Free Spirited Fitness”?

Because I believe fitness should be about enjoyment and being whatever you want it to be! Personally, I love doing anything that gets my body moving and sweating but found it hard to fit myself into these categories we like to label ourselves as – runner, yogi, Paleo, #ladieswholift. Hello, I love ALL of that stuff and more!

Free Spirited Fitness means doing whatever is good for your own body, mind, and soul. It means not worrying about what everyone else is doing or posting about online. It means accepting the crazy possibilities your body can offer and going after them.

If this sounds hella rad to you then you’re in the right place! I would absolutely love to hear from you so feel free to send an email to freespiritedfit(at)gmail(dot)com any time.

Be wild. Be free. Be you.


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