Another Race & Things I’m Loving

My wallet loves me.

may2 color me rad

I’ve signed up for my 6th spring/summer race of this year! I can’t WAIT to do this one – it’s on my fitness bucket list and one of my 2013 goals! Plus, I’m running it with Allison and my TIU sister Tahnee – go Saskatchewan online fitness buds!

PS: We made a team for this race! If you want to sign up with us, our team name is Hue Wants To Know and we’re doing the 9am wave.

I had to resist the urge to sign up for another race yesterday when my local tri club sent out an email about a new women’s only sprint tri in July. I need to give the Visa a break. And probably try out the whole triathlon thing with See Jane Tri to see if I even like it.

I have a whack of fun stuff I want to share with you guys so how about another “Things I’m Loving” post? Let’s go.

-Starbucks. Okay, I ALWAYS love Starbucks and our love affair began a long time ago. However, I recently found out that a hotel close to my work sells Starbucks coffee. Hello.

may2 starbucks

-American Eagle. I just found out that AE offers an X-Long length in jeans, but you can only get them online. And their X-Long is 36”! And they’re not $100+ per pair! PRAISE THE JEANS GODS!


The current frontrunners.

Okay, that might seem a little excessive, but my fellow 36” inseam ladies know what I’m talking about. So much for giving my Visa a break….

1 Day in May. From the website:


The site has stories of people living with MS, links for information about MS, the research taking place and places to donate, as well as information for how you can get involved in 1 Day in May. Check out this page to see how you can participate and help spread MS awareness. I know that I knew next to nothing about MS before Mike was diagnosed so I LOVE campaigns like this that get people involved.

-These Nike Pro Compression shorts


I wore them running for the first time last weekend (usually just wear them for volleyball) and now I’m in love. They don’t ride up, they’re not too shorts, and they don’t dig in at the sides. Perfection. And I want all the colors. Except for white. Because let’s get real – who wants to run in white spandex??

apr30 10 mile run

Tone It Up 3 Ingredient Cookies with Perfect Fit Protein.

may2 perfect fit cookies

I’ve been going off the deep end with my sweet cravings lately and I need to calm down a bit. Instead of reaching for something that’s processed and full of sugar, I’m going to turn to these bad boys instead. So easy to make and super delicious.


What’s something you’re loving?


I’ll see you guys later!


6 thoughts on “Another Race & Things I’m Loving

  1. Those shorts look awesome! Can I find them at sportchek? I love that you found 36" inseam jeans! I recently got a pair of presence pants from lulu in tall and they're 35" and perfectly bunchy at the ankles. I'm only 5'9" though 😉 right now I'm loving that the snow here in northern Alberta is (99%) GONE! Bring on the sunshine!!

  2. Hmm I haven't checked Sportchek yet! I got these at a Nike outlet in the states. I think you'd have a pretty chance at finding them at Sportchek though.

  3. Haha shut your mouth! Your legs aren't too fat! Different strokes for different folks OR different spandex for everyone haha.

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