Bridal Show Round Two & Weekly Workout Schedule

Good Monday morning friends!

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I’m looking forward to a good week. As you know, I’m a huge believer in planning the week on Sundays. I find that I have a better week when I know everything is organized, like meals, workouts, and events. This week is pretty standard for us around here:

Meals prepped:

  • salad and honey garlic chicken thighs for lunches
  • protein pancakes for easy breakfasts
  • veggies cut
  • slow cooker salsa chicken for snacking and quick dinner

Workouts planned:

I’m still vaguely following the TIU Frisky Fall challenge but substituting in my own workouts that I want to do (Orangetheory, teaching, etc). Since I’ve found classes I love taking locally, teach Zumba, and play volleyball during the week, I can never really follow the TIU challenges perfectly. However, I do look at the weekly schedule they post every Sunday to fill in the gaps! The weekly schedule is a great resource to use if you’re a beginner or looking for some new workouts to add to your routine.

Weekend in Pictures

Mike and I managed to sneak in a date night this weekend! It’s been far too long since we’ve gotten a really nice night out, just the two of us. He has been swamped with homework (second year nursing classes are rough!) and I’ve been taking care of everything else in our lives, so we really needed time for just the two of us to take a break!


The company that Mike gets his MS drugs through sends him a $25 Visa gift card every month with his meds. We have no idea why! There’s nothing extra to buy with the meds so it’s not for reimbursement or anything. Since we’re a one income family right now, we do not mind AT ALL 😀 We’ve gotten in the habit of letting these gift cards pile up until we have 3 or 4 of them and then use them on a nice date night. For this round, we went to the Fireside Bistro, one of our go-to places for a nice date night.  It was lovely, as per usual! Afterwards, we headed to Atlantis for dessert.


Which was followed up by a late night viewing of Inside Out at home. Not really a date night movie, but it’s actually SO GOOD! I watched it on the plane ride home from Ontario last weekend and couldn’t wait to show it to Mike.

Sunday was the normal planning of the week and run class. I also headed to the Most Amazing Bridal Show like I did last year, but this time I was there as a friend. My good friend (and bridesmaid!) is also getting married in 2016 so I caught up with her and her mom at the show after run class. I missed most of the exhibit but got to see the best part – the bridal fashion show! While the dresses were gorgeous, I still LOVE my dress that I found in June. That’s always a good sign 🙂

PS: Since I haven’t talked about wedding stuff in a while AND our photographer has our engagement pictures done (EEK!), I’ll be posting a wedding centric post this Friday!


How was your weekend?

Are you a weekly planner?




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