Checking My Mindset and #MusicMonday

January has come and gone. Goals have been set and begun.

Workouts have been ramping up.


Wedding stuff is coming to fruition.


Even my budget has been super on track!

But I’ve been feeling just “meh” about everything. And confession? I’ve had to really force myself to get my workouts in…which is usually NEVER a problem. Turning down a DQ blizzard? Yeah right, I’m eating that bitch. But not feeling like sweating and wanting to just lounge around every day? That’s usually not me. It’s crossed over to my online life too. I haven’t felt like posting on here or any of my social media places because it’s been feeling forced. And I’ll never post forced happiness. Only realness.

I’m chalking it up to getting a terrible start at January and needing to take 2 weeks off from my usual routine due to sickness. I didn’t get a decent workout in this month until almost halfway into January! And that was after coming off of 2 weeks of vacation. I think the slack approach over the holidays plus the nasty flu/cold really did a number on my body and I just wasn’t willingly to accept that I couldn’t go hard for my first few workouts. What can I say, I’m a competitive person, even if it’s with myself 😉

This past week was kind of a reality check for me. I was being way too hard on myself about missing workouts, not being able to run (yay hip injury), and basically told myself to stop being mean…to myself.

It was a weird convo.

With the wedding coming up in less than 4 months, I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself to workout a lot and try and “tighten up”. I’m sure a lot of other brides have been through this before but it sent me off the rails a bit. I was neglecting a lot of the self-care practices I had established last year that worked to combat this type of thinking, like meditation, yoga, and my own creative meditation.

So now I’m working on getting away from the crazy “sweating for the wedding” mentality and getting back to the “sweating for me” mindset. And it’s already working! I’m really pumped about my workouts I have planned for this week and I am really enjoying doing my nightly meditations again. Basically, getting back to my happy place 🙂

Music Monday

Another key to maintaining my happy zone when working out is fresh and fun playlist. I’ve got some new bangers that I’ve found this month that NEED to be shared! Here’s what’s on my playlist this month:

Gold by Kiiara

Wild Mustang by Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux feat Becky G

Kamikaze by 

Poison by Rita Ora

Sitcom by Coleman Hell

Victoria by Jordan Bratton

#notyours by Scooter Island feat Junglepussy

Never Enough by Allie X

All Night Long by Lionel Richie

WTF by Missy Elliott feat Pharrell Williams


What are you cranking on your playlist?



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