Costco Finds, #FriskyFall, and Golf {Weekend Recap & Things I’m Loving}

I know, I know…it’s been a week. I didn’t even have a Workout Thursday for you guys last week! I was caught up practicing for my Zumba class on Monday and Tuesday and then I had a dinner after my Wednesday Zumba class. AKA no time to take pictures or anything. AKA excuses! Not this week. I have a TRX workout for you guys on Thursday that Mike and I have been doing.

sept24 trx

That bottom left picture says “check out my rippling bicep!! raaaarrrwww” or something along those lines.

The TRX is so much harder than it looks! It’s crazy how sore my muscles were the next morning after I tried it out for the first time.

I have a bunch of random things to share with you guys, so how about a “Things I’m Loving”?


This past weekend Mike and I had a lot going on and I didn’t get to sleep in past 8am. Tough life. On Saturday, we headed out to Aspen Links to play in the annual M-77 Charity Golf Tournament. Readers that have been here for a while (heeeeeeyyy) might remember us playing in it last year and the year before. For the newbies (heeeeeyyy), M-77 is a golf tournament in memory of Mike’s cousin who died a few years ago. Family, friends, and anyone else who wants to join can. This year I think there were probably 60ish people there! There’s prizes and a big dinner afterwards and all proceeds go to Little Bald Angels.


I had volleyball hair going on aka a braided ponytail since the wind was unreal on Saturday! I felt like I was about to be blown over every time I stepped out of the cart.

Mike and I played 18 holes and our team scored an 86 (thank you Texas Scramble)! Mike even won closest to the pin! It was probably the last time we’ll get out golfing until next spring so it was a nice way to cap off the season.

Fall Errthing

I broke out the boots last week. Sue me. Summer disappeared literally overnight here in Regina last week so I’m officially into full on fall mode.

sept24 psl

Including weekly PSLs. Sorry, not sorry. Except I feel like they’re putting a LOT more syrup in these this year…anyone else? I’ve been ordering mine half sweet lately and they’ve been delicious!

I also picked up more fall candle from Bath and Body Works because I’m burning through my Leaves candles like crazy! They were having a 2 for $25 3 wick candle sale at my local store so I picked up another Leaves (duh) and Autumn. Our house smells yum.


You guys know how much I love Tone It Up, the TIU Team, and all the challenges K&K do. This fall, they’re doing a Frisky Fall Challenge!



I’ll be cheering everyone on who’s doing this challenge but will only be participating in the #100byhalloween and my normal TIU eating. I’ve got LOTS going on this fall fitness-wise and I’m loving creating my own workouts and putting them here so I’ll keep doing that! However, I LOVE a good cardio challenge. Reformed cardio queen, right here.

#100byhalloween means completing 100 miles of cardio by October 31st. That’s an average of 2.5 miles per day. I kicked off my quest towards 100 by doing a quick 2 miles yesterday over lunch.

sept24 100byhalloween

I love runch 😉 That mess you see in the bottom left corner is my spaghetti squash lunch, the ugliest food to photograph but oh so tasty.

Pop Free

It’s official – I’ve been 265 days without pop!

sept24 pop free

Another 100 days and I’ll have completed a year! The only time I’ve found that I miss pop is when ordering cocktails – that ish is in EVERY DRINK. I have a feeling that if I tried to drink a whole bottle of Coke in one sitting like I used it, I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Costco Finds

Costco has really outdone themselves this time. Check out the beauty I found there this weekend.

sept24 gym bag

AKA the bag I was rocking in my #100byhalloween picture above.

A gorgeous grey and pink gym bag that has a compartment for a yoga mat, shoes, multiple pockets and a shoulder strap. FOR $30. I repeat 30 DOLLARS! My old lulu bag was on its last legs so this bag came into my life beautifully. And I didn’t really want to drop $80-100 for another lulu bag. Sorry, you know I love you lululemon, but a girl has to eat.


What’s something you’re loving lately?

What’s the best thing you’ve found at Costco? For me, it’s a tie between this bag and their salmon burgers. Yum.


I’ll see you guys later this week!


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