Game Meat, New Zumba Discoveries, and DIY {Things I’m Loving}

Good morning friends! Happy December!

I have a lot of fun new things to share with you today so let’s get right into another Things I’m Loving posts!

(So many exclamation points. I’ll tone it down)

-The #21DSD recipe for spaghetti squash bolognese


Sick spaghetti squash cutting skills, right?

I’m done the detox now (post on that to come later this week) but I still love a lot of the recipes from the book! This is a super quick and easy dinner to make for us – especially since we had 5 spaghetti squashes to use from out last farm box. Squash for days!

The only thing I tweak in this recipe is the meat. We got some moose and deer from Mike’s dad this year (free meat!) and the bolognese recipe tastes SO GOOD with moose. If you’re in an area where moose meat is readily available or are like us and have hunting connections who give you free meat – make this recipe with moose!

-Free fitness classes at Lole Women!


My store gave out a little goodie bag with trail mix and a headband as a thank-you for coming – plus a 20% off coupon for future use. Pretty decent for an hour of participating in Zumba!

I saw this Lole store pop-up a few weeks ago near my condo and was super intrigued by the selection of clothing I saw online. They offer a ton of free fitness classes of all varieties and I went to the Zumba one this past Saturday.


From the Lole Regina facebook page. Rocking purple in the back row. 

It was so so SO nice to go to a Zumba class, zone out a bit, and follow someone else instead of teaching. I need to go to more Zumba classes as a participant – I got some sweet new songs to add to my class plus learned a few new moves. Loved it!

-This mascara



Which I find to be a dupe for Benefit’s They’re Real. I used to buy Benefit all the time but it got a bit ridiculous at $35 a pop. I found this Revlon one about 3 months ago and love it! I get all the volume and length of Benefit’s formula without the big hit to my bank account.

-Living room makeover!


Like Sadie’s massacred skunk toy laying in the middle of the room? She helps out with decorating when she can…

Our couch arrived last week and it’s glorious! Now it’s time to decorate the rest of the living room starting with…

A new coffee table! The long rectangular one we had in the living room previously was a bit too long now that the couch is in there. So we’re putting that one upstairs in our bedroom to use for storage. This new one is a custom build by



We got up at 8am yesterday go to the mothership of DIY

Home Depot.

We pretended to be legit in gathering all our supplies


And then headed out to Mike’s mom’s house where his stepdad has a massive work station in their garage.

dec2+mike+and+pat+sanding dec2+planning

I helped out where I could, like sanding:

dec2+me+sanding dec2+sanding+selfie

Looking DIY sexy. This is what you get when you’re the one who always takes pictures – tons of selfies and the occasional action picture someone else has taken. Thanks Mike.

I loved the way the coffee table turned out (we used this pin as inspiration and I saw we hit it square on the head!). The square design will work well with the shape of the couch and the stain is perfect for the “rustic nautical” look we’re going for.

Gag, I think I just turned into one of those DIY decorators who actually does the DIYs they pin.

Next up is curtains, pillows, decorations, and maybe painting the walls. We’ll see.

-I’ve been eating macadamia nuts like crazy


Which isn’t good because they cost an arm and a leg.

-This happened this morning


It’s December 2nd. I’m already a day behind on listening to Christmas music!


Do you DIY things you pin? I’ve done just a few but now that I’ve seen Mike’s magical handy-man/carpenter skills first-hand, my DIY furniture list is growing…

Have you ever had game meat (ie: deer, elk, moose)? If I season it the right way, I really like it. Game meat is pretty lean and as someone told me on twitter, you can’t get much more organic than that!

Are you Christmas decorations up? Our’s are going up this week with the tree going up next weekend. Christmas music all day errday though.


I’ll see you guys later this week with my 21 Day Sugar Detox post and a workout!


3 thoughts on “Game Meat, New Zumba Discoveries, and DIY {Things I’m Loving}

  1. love that coffee table! I haven't made much from pinterest haha
    I've had lots of deer meat, but i dont think i've had moose yet. Want to try forsure
    Decorated yesterday afternoon a bit, we normally don't have a tree, but we actually might get a real one.. my first one ever!!

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