Green Smoothie Recipe and Things I’m Loving

My body is SORE today! I changed up my zumba routines and added some tracks that focus on legs (squats, jumping, and all that fun stuff) and I can feel it today. Three straight days of leg focused zumba makes walking up and down stairs rough. Plus, I’m like 99% sure that I twisted my back in a bad way during a back row attack at volleyball on Monday night. We’ll see how volleyball goes tonight….

Anyways, let’s focus on some FUN things! It’s time for another “Things I’m Loving” post!

1 – Green smoothies


Our blender has been dead for the past year or so (RIP) so when we saw this one on sale at Costco over the weekend, we snatched it up! It’s been a long time since smoothies have been a regular thing in my life and I welcomed it back with a vengeance this week. I’ve been having them for breakfast every morning and took one for in between zumba and volleyball on Monday. I’ve been loving this green smoothie recipe:

-1 frozen banana

-1 cup strawberries

-1 teaspoon ground flax seed

-1/2 cup vanilla greek yogurt

-1 cup spinach

-enough unsweetened vanilla almond milk to get everything moving

It comes out that yucky greenish brown color but tastes like a banana-strawberry milkshake. So delicious and filling.

2 – This jam

I got this song off of Gina’s blog and knew IMMEDIATELY that I needed to choreograph something to it for zumba. Jam of the moment for sure.

3 – Actually winning at Roll Up The Rim


I’ve won 4 free coffees so far! I think that’s a new record for me! Come on cash and car…..

4 – Oil Cleansing Method

I’ve talked about my skin issues on the blog before and even made figuring out how to solve it one of my goals this year. Like I said in this post, the wait to get in to see a dermatologist in my town is over a year so I’ve decided to some research of my own and try a few methods out. The one I’m doing right now and loving so far is the oil cleansing method. I found articles about this method on pinterest before and have always kept it in the back of my mind but it wasn’t until I found this post that I really decided to go for it.



Katie really explains the methodology well and made it easy for me to figure out how to make the leap from face wash to oil. I’m still in the adjustment period but I can see my skin getting a little bit better and more moisturized than ever. My fancy creams, make up removers, and face washes are in the cabinet right now and all I need for my face care routine is oil and a washcloth. It even removes my waterproof mascara WAY better than my eye makeup remover. I’ve taken before photos of my face so I can see if it makes a difference and will probably do a whole post on my experience with the Oil Cleansing Method in the future. Fingers crossed it continues to work!

5 – If Everybody Ran


This is a really cool campaign from Mizuno. I’m one of those weird people who believe that the world would be a much better place if people simply moved more. It’s awesome to see this theory represented in stats. And I can totally attest to the dog stat – you should see the look of pure joy on Sadie’s face when I break out the running shoes and dog harness.

6 – Veronica Mars Movie Madness!


So many Erins in the world!

Only one more week until the Veronica Mars movie comes out and I can’t WAIT! It was also really cool to see my name on the “thanks” page of the movie website!


What’s something you’re loving lately?


I’ll see you guys later!


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