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It always feels like it been so long when I take a step back from blogging for a bit. Even if it has only been two weeks since my last post….

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day this past weekend! We decided to take the low-key approach this year and save some money because hi, wedding 🙂

We kickstarted the day with a special partner workout at Orangetheory


Post-workout stop at the Starbucks in the Safeway across the street was obviously necessary.

It was Mike’s first time trying Orangetheory and he was kind of onboard. The workout of the day was a partner themed workout and it was pretty different from the normal stuff. He found all the switching and “get done X fast so you’re partner can be done Y” stuff too chaotic. But he did say it kicked his ass, so he’s going to try a normal class next week to see if it wants to keep it up.

The rest of our V-day was real low key


Homemade pizzas and a big rom-com movie marathon – 10 Things I Hate About You, Couples Retreat, The Wedding Singer…you know, the classics.

My workout life has been slowly getting back on track. I’m getting back into running now that I’m feeling the benefits of my hip physiotherapy but then this happened:


I dislocated my right pinky finger blocking a hit in volleyball 🙁 No fracture (YAY) but the top joint is now hyperextended so I have to twist and pull it a couple times a day to make sure it heals right. And I am buddy taping all day! Kind of a buzzkill but I’m pumped that I’ve made it 15ish years playing volleyball (and a middle at that) and this is the first hand injury I’ve had besides a million jammed fingers.

It’s nuts how many everyday motions require a pinky. Brushing my teeth, twisting open a jar, and unlocking a door are the few things I’ve found to be big time struggles since losing that pinky functionality. Also, forget holding dumbbells, TRX straps, paddles, or even doing yoga. My workouts have been modified like crazy but it’s fun to stretch the imagination and try to think of different moves to target certain muscle groups rather than just the old standards.


Still getting decent Orangetheory results though! Although, to be fair, this was my first class back running after some time off and MAN did my body quickly forget how to handle that. 





Coming up (since I now have a backlog of post ideas!)

  • Wedding Friday Updates – invites, surprise wedding party gifts, and DIY galore!
  • A new circuit workout
  • My wedding workout plan (because that shit is in 102 days)

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  1. Haha love your movie marathon, though Ten Things I Hate About You makes me super sad now.

    Looking forward to reading wedding planning updates! I’m getting married in October and love to read about wedding planning instead of actually doing it. haha 😉

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