My Wedding Fitness Plan {Wedding Talk}

So it’s official…there are less than 100 days until the big day!

wedding countdown

Our storage/workout room is getting filled with decor, water and mix for the bar, fabric, and wedding favours. All of our research and planning is paying off and it’s finally coming together in real life form.

wedding flowers

For today’s Wedding Talk Friday, I thought I’d talk about my fitness plans for the Big Day or as some people like to label it, “sweating for the wedding”.

I am not one of those people.

Have I turned the heat up on my fitness with the wedding day in mind? Sure. Have I cleaned up my eating? Slightly (and gaining more momentum each day). Am I killing myself with 2 or 3 workouts per day on a very low calorie or crash diet? Absolutely not.

neg pin ewdding

This type of thinking is super impactful on me in a really negative way (I touched on this a few weeks ago here). I read an article about a year ago about the harmful effects of this very mentality…and BOY do I wish I could find again to share with you! I searched the internet for a while and couldn’t remember who published it!

Anyways, it was a first person essay about a bride who focused so much on looking so good in her wedding dress that people would stare and be jealous as she walked down the aisle. She got so lost in this goal that she was killing herself to do 2 workouts a day, eat a very rigid diet, and ended up missing out on a lot of the social aspects of a wedding (eating out with family and friends, enjoying your bridal shower/bachelorette without counting calories, hanging out with your bridal party and husband-to-be planning things). She ended up fitting into her dress and hitting her body goal but she felt miserable, tired, and deprived.

Not exactly the feeling you want to have on your wedding day!

Since I know that I’m susceptible to body image issues and since a wedding day is a huge trigger for that, I made a sort of non-plan plan for my wedding day prep:

  • keep working out like I usually do (5-6 times per week with low-impact/recovery days)
  • keep eating lean, clean, and green in moderation, like I usually do
  • switch focus to HIIT and upper body weight training starting in January
  • focus more on cleaner eats starting in January
  • follow the TIU bridal plan starting 14 weeks out from wedding day (February 22nd)

Basically I’m keeping my same schedule for fitness but switching up the type of workouts I usually do. I want to focus more on HIIT cardio than steady state and work on my back and arms more than I usually do. Bonus: upper body is probably my favourite in terms of weight training, so score!

In terms of eating, I’ve been getting back to basics with the TIU nutrition plan.


It’s one of the best resources I have for making deliciously healthy meals and I’ve been neglecting it since the Bikini Series ended! I sat down with the latest version this past weekend and used it to plan out all our meals this week.

tiu stir fry

It’s been like welcoming an old friend back into my life! Mike has always been down with the TIU recipes in the past so he’s been digging the return of old favourites – Chili in a Bowl, So Fresh & So Lean, Lemon Garlic Chicken, and North Shore Shrimp are some of our staples.

Bottom line is that you shouldn’t have to kill yourself trying to fit into a wedding dress or look a certain way on your big day. Of course you want to look fantastic and there’s nothing wrong with getting in a new or different fitness routine with the goal of your wedding in mind, but for some people it can be a slippery slope. I’m keeping my focus on what the day is really all about:

engaged 6

Celebrating our love with friends and family.




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