New Zumba Song Love & Things I’m Loving Part 2

Happy Thursday guys! With the long weekend that just happened, my brain keeps tricking me into thinking it’s actually Wednesday. It’s like a little present each time I realize it’s THURSDAY and that much closer to the weekend!

Last night I incorporated 2 more new songs into my Zumba class and I had to share one of them with you. It’s my latest Zumba song love.

I also wanted to post this video because it’s probably the greatest Zumba video ever! I love all the young guys front row at the class and they’re actually going hard!

Since I’m in a peppy, happy moody today (thanks coffee), I’m going to do a second instalment of “Things I’m Loving”. One was obviously that Zumba song, but here’s some more:

this mascara:


My sister picked it up for me at Sephora this past weekend and WHOA. It’s pretty amazing. No clumps, not too brittle, and it actually stays on your lashes. Score.

Oxygen magazine

I was first introduced to Oxygen magazine when my parents got it for me for Christmas a year or two ago. Ever since then, I’ve picked up the occasional issue but I think I’m going to take the plunge and get a subscription. I’m liking Oxygen over some other fitness/nutrition magazines because 1) it focuses on clean eating, not low calorie eating; 2) it encourages women to go hard at lifting and train; 3) the models in the magazine are STRONG not skinny.

homemade hazelnut cream coffee

I won this travel coffee mug in that golf tournament a few weekends ago and decided to put it to work. I usually get coffee from Second Cup (my office building is attached to a mall) and my absolute favourite is a black hazelnut flavoured coffee. So instead of giving Second Cup $2.05 per cup, I bought hazelnut coffee beans for $7.50 from Safeway and have been bringing my own coffee to work. I know, GROUNDBREAKING STUFF HERE – bringing homemade coffee to work! But can I tell you guys a secret – I had never made a pot of coffee in my life before this week. I had to get Mike to show me how to grind the beans (our roommate has a coffee grinder), how much coffee grounds to put in for how much water, etc. Now, I’m a pro. I just need a decent travel mug. As you can see in that picture, it drips EVERYWHERE. My one scarf now smells like coffee because no matter how you screw the lid on, coffee always drips out of the lid. Etsy, here I come!

New fall TV! I love all my old favourites (New Girl, The Middle, How I Met Your Mother, to name a few) but I’m surprised how much I like some new shows! “Ben & Kate” is HILARIOUS and I’m thoroughly enjoying “Go On” and “The Mindy Project”. Although, I loved Mindy Kaling’s book and her show is pretty similar to the tone of the book, so no real surprise there.

Sadie is enjoying the return of TV too. She was my little “Revenge” watching buddy on Monday:

This post from Fitnessista on how to use an entire pumpkin. A sugar pumpkin is on my grocery list this week so I can make my own pumpkin puree, roast the seeds and dry the skin.


What are some things you’re enjoying this fall season? My Bath & Body Works “Leaves” candles are still burning bright in the condo. Although, with this recent “snow in the morning” thing happening here, I’m going to need some winter/Christmas scented candles soon. Good thing Regina is getting a Bath & Body Works soon! I hope it’s before Christmas so I can get some more 2 for $20 candles. Yup, I’m addicted.

See you guys later!

NOTE: I still haven’t heard from one of the winners of my first blogiversary giveaway. If I don’t hear from them by Friday, October 12th at 12pm CST, I’ll pick a new winner and post it here Friday afternoon. Click here to see the winners of the original draw.

6 thoughts on “New Zumba Song Love & Things I’m Loving Part 2

  1. How is that possible?! If I lived in a city where I had a Bath & Body Works, my house would be filled to the brim with candles. But I guess if you're not into candles or smelly soaps, it's not really a good shopping destination haha.

  2. I love that zumba video/song and the guys rocking it out! My husband is great at zumba and will play the wii game at home but wouldn't do it in front of anyone else because it isn't really something that guys do around where we live. Which is a pity!

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