Things I’m Loving & FIT CHICKS Day 2

Happy Friday friends! It’s grey, rainy, and cold here today, but still NO SNOW!

*literally knocking on all the wood things in my vicinity*

I’ll take rain over snow and ice any day.

You know what hasn’t made an appearance in a while on this blog? Things I’m Loving. So let’s bring it back.

A Legit Winter Coat

It’s been at least 5 years since I’ve purchased a coat so I figured it was time for a new one. Also, I actually don’t have a decent winter coat! Somehow I’ve been surviving Saskatchewan winters in two Primark coats I bought when I lived in Glasgow. Layers were key with those coats but now I feel like I need a big girl, grown up, legit winter coat. Enter Bay Days! Coats were 40% off at the Bay this week so I snatched up this beauty



It had everything I wanted: long enough to keep my thighs warm, a big (faux) furry hood, lots of pockets, and some shape. Some of those big oversized coats have no waist and are just straight up and down. Not for me. I like the way this coat pulls in at the waist so it looks like you have some shape and aren’t just weary a big hefty bag.


Grainy elevator pics FTW

It’s been perfect for walking Sadie, waiting for the bus, and walking to workouts which brings me to…



Of course this was going to be a part of Things I’m Loving! I had my second class last night and it was just as awesome as the first. The space we were working out in was about 2 blocks away from my work so I hauled all my stuff to work with me and then hauled it all to workout…dumbbells and all! We did a “mountain” workout which reminded me of the same structure as Tone It Up’s pyramid workouts. We started with 1 minute of an exercise, then 2 minutes of a different exercise, and working our way up to 5 minutes. The exercises varied from cardio (mountain climbers, shuffles, plyometrics) to strength (squats, lunges, tricep dips). We repeated the 5 minute interval twice and then started to work our way back down the mountain (4 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute). To end our workout, Laura led us through some ab work and then stretches.



She brought in some protein balls she had made! She told us all about the recipes on the members only areas of the FIT CHICKS website so I’ll be checking that out! These treats were super good and I already have plans to make them this weekend. I’ll be sure to share it with you guys next week.

Epsom Salt Baths

It’s been years since I’ve taken the time to have a relaxing bath but now I’m working it into my weekly routine. This actually started when Sadie had that nail infection and we had to soak her paw in Epsom salt water 3 times a day (diva status). When I bought the Epsom salts, I noticed on the label that some of the benefits were reducing the itchiness of bug bites and relieving sore muscles. Since I constantly have one or both of those issues (mosquitoes LOVE me in the summer), I tried it out. And I’m hooked. Now I’ve turned into a whole relaxing things with candles and watching an episode of Gilmore Girls (#GGaddict).

Bound 2 Sample – Charlie Wilson

This part of Kanye’s Bound 2 is literally the only reason I listen to it. Now that I’ve found an audio track of the sample, I’ve been listening to it every day.


What’s something you’re loving today?




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