Things I’m Loving {Jan 2015}

You guys, we are ALMOST at the end of January. Doesn’t it feel like Christmas was just last weekend?! I swear I blinked and woosh…an entire month went by.

We’ve got a fun weekend coming up! One of our good friends and former landlord is getting married Saturday. Yes, this banana man is tying the knot. Lord, give his wife strength! I can’t wait to get all dressed up, celebrate love, and have a blast. Plus, the bride has said I can take any of her décor that I want for our wedding so it’s going to be half wedding half shopping 😉

Things I’m Loving Friday

Since it is Friday and I have a whack of amazing things to share with you guys, let’s do another installment of Things I’m Loving.

Bath & Body Works Wild Vanilla Madagascar body wash


I love heading into Bath & Body Works to smell, well, basically everything. This beauty of a scent showed up in the Regina store about a month ago and I fell in love. The lotion was a little too strong for me but the body wash leaves behind just a hint of the lovely vanilla/sandalwood/pear/jasmine smell. Plus, my sister picked this bottle up for me as one of her free items during a B&BW “buy 3 get 2” sale. Free is always great 🙂

Run Class


Mike and I signed up for a run class that’s held once a week from January to April and so far, it’s been fantastic! It’s offered through the U of R fitness program (same one I teach Zumba through) at an indoor track. We do lots of drills – lunges, squats, stairs, wall sits, and obviously tons of running. We’ve been doing a ton of different variations of speed drills that have really tested my legs. Plus, I’ve been getting awesome feedback on my running form from the running coach who leads the class. Apparently, I’m a big over pronator and need to stop running heel-toe so much. I’ve been incorporating her tips into my runs and already feel a little bit better. It’s no surprise that I’m gunning for a 2 hour half marathon and I’m hoping this is the first step down that path!

Polar M400


Speaking of run class, this little tool has helped me tremendously. I’ve never used a heart rate monitor with a watch before but can already see the benefit. The run coach has us take our heart rate at various times during class and since I can never find my own pulse, the Polar M400 has really come in handy. Plus, it’s so convenient to have when I’m running speed drills and need to track my laps! I’ll do a post later on in February once I’ve had the chance to test this bad boy out with different types of exercise. I am BEYOND pumped to see how many calories and steps a full Zumba class tracks.

Tiny Devotions Newsletter



Like I mentioned in my Intentions and Goals post, I get lots of inspiration from the weekly Tiny Devotions newsletter that hits my inbox every Sunday night. It’s always full of beautiful images, mantras, and a ton of inspiration stories. Take this past Sunday’s newsletter for example. It included a cute “How to be a Mermaid” poem, information about amethyst (the gemstone of the week), and links to Boho Daily articles on disconnecting from your phone and a workout playlist among others. I look forward to that little time I spend Sunday nights lost in the newsletter and the gorgeous images. If all newsletter were like this one, I would probably sign up for a lot more 😉

The Worst Idea of All Time Podcast


I’m on a huge podcast bender lately. First Gilmore Guys, then Serial, and now The Worst Idea of All Time. Basic premise of this podcast: two New Zealand comedians and friends are watching Grown Ups 2 once a week for an entire year and podcasting about it. If you’ve ever seen Grown Ups 2 (and lord I hope you haven’t), you’ll know why this is particularly hilarious. Mike and I tried to watch this movie because in all honesty, we didn’t mind the first movie. But the sequel….good god. We turned it off after about 30 minutes. It was that bad. But this podcast isn’t- it’s fantastic and hilarious! Check it out if you’re a fan of podcast. They’re great to run to!

The Good Wife



Ever since we canceled the cable, I’ve been relying on Netflix for my TV fix. Enter The Good Wife. This is a show I never watched live but I’m absolutely addicted to it now. Chalk one up to the no-commercials and on-demand format. I’ve cruised through season 1 and am so enthralled with characters, episode cases, and the bigger over-arching storyline. Plus – Logan Huntzberger is now a lawyer!



Come on…Cary Agos is basically a tougher Logan Huntzberger.


Your turn – what’s one thing you’re loving this week!





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  1. I love anything vanilla but I have not set foot in a Bath & Body Works in a long time! Buy 3 get 2 free is a really good deal. I may have to make my way over there soon 🙂 I just got onto the podcast bandwagon – I'm about halfway into the first Serial episode. It's so interesting and a different way to distract myself while on the boring treadmill 🙂

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