Things I’m Loving – January to February 2016

This past weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS here in Saskatchewan!

mar72016 running outdoors

It was so nice out that we actually got to run outside in one layer of clothing. That’s pretty much unheard of around here until early spring. It felt so good to get outside for a run. I’m a huge baby in the winter and take most of my runs indoors until it’s at least +10 outside so this weekend’s low teens temps were a godsend!

Things I’m Loving – January to February 2016

I can’t believe that it’s three months into the new year and I’ve yet to do a Things I’m Loving post! If you’re new around here, Things I’m Loving are posts that I (try to) post at the end of every month, highlighting trends, products, music, videos, or anything else that I’ve been digging over the last 30/31 days.

Let’s get into it!

Yoga with Adriene

mar72016 yoga

I found Adriene’s yoga youtube channel through her popular #YogaCamp January challenge. I participated in that challenge and totally loved how she structured and guided her videos. Adriene brings a relaxed feeling to yoga that I’ve never completely experienced in any other classes. Her motto, “find what feels good”, is such a nice attitude to have towards yoga. She’ll guide you through sequences and poses from beginner to advanced but never makes you feel inadequate even though she has fly yoga skills. Her videos are rough 30 minutes long which is long enough to get in a decent practice but short enough to squeeze in every day. I highly recommend starting with her #YogaCamp series!


mar72016 headspace

If you’ve listened to enough podcasts, you’ve probably heard of Headspace. At least that’s how I discovered this lovely meditation app! The free version of this app gives you 10 sessions of 10 minute meditations aka Take 10. I’m currently halfway through the Take 10 program and it’s one of the better guided meditation tools I’ve used. I’ll typically meditate right before bed and this one relaxes me like WHOA. There aren’t any background noises or weird music, just Andy’s calming British voice de-stressing my brain. There are also a couple of animated videos explaining some of the concepts and why meditation works. Educational! You can subscribe if you want more Headspace sessions after Take 10 which I will probably do with one of my fave podcast’s discount code 😉

Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo

mar72016 too faced

After my free sample sized highlighter from Sephora ran out, I decided to take the Big Girl plunge and get a normal sized highlighter for my low-key every day contouring needs. After walking around Sephora for a solid 30 minutes (it’s basically the mothership), I decided on the Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo. It completely lives up to its name! It gives my face a lovely rosy glow and brightens up my skin even on its dullest days. It’s not a highlighter I would use if you’re a heavy contourer, but it’s amazing for everyday use.

Morning Yogurt Bowls

mar72016 yogurt bowls

Breakfast is something that I struggle to keep interesting. I like my sleep and if I wake up with some time to spare, I like to get a small workout or yoga flow in instead of cooking. Unless I’ve cooked a big batch of protein pancakes on Sunday, I usually just grab a piece of fruit and protein bar on the way to work. That’s not the best way to start your day, nutritionally speaking. Upon a re-read of my TIU nutrition plan, I found an option that’s quick and can easily change flavours – yogurt bowls! I take plain greek yogurt, sprinkle in some berries and granola and voila, breakfast. I’ve been changing up the fruit and flavour of granola every few weeks so I don’t get sick of the same thing every day.

Holiday Hunny HIIT


This is becoming my go-to workout when I’m looking for a last minute sweat session and have little to no equipment. I did this routine for the first time in Florida and fell in love! It works the whole body and gives you enough cardio and strength moves to make it a complete workout. I’m always sore the next day from this workout which is a sign of a good workout 😉

John Oliver Videos

I’ve only known John Oliver from his small role on Community and his Canadian video that went viral during our last federal election. I was looking to watch the Canadian election video again and stumbled on his whole YouTube channel which is full of solid gold videos. Standout videos for me – televangelists, abortion laws, Donald Trump, and sugar.

Formation by Beyonce

Queen. That’s all.


mar72016 ftmp

Seeing as we are a single income household and trying to pay for school and a wedding, I’m always on a lookout for budgeting tips. One of the greatest tools I’ve found so far is Danny J’s Find the Money Project. I did her free 14 day challenge and “found” a couple extra hundred a month to save by using her tips. Her tips are actually practical instead of the usual “stop buying coffee” tips you usually see and they make you take a look at your entire money situation instead of strictly expenditures.


What have you been loving lately?


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