Things I’m Loving {March 2015}

Happy Easter Monday to you all! I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend. Mine is still going strong! I took today off from work so I could enjoy an extra-long four day weekend and get some more house and wedding stuff done.

On the agenda today: meal planning and prep, workout planning, laundry, cleaning, and a trip to some thrift stores to search for some wedding supplies.

Knowing me, I’ll also sneak in an hour long yoga sesh sometime today. I haven’t practiced in a week and I NEED it. Workouts have been dedicated solely to running and strength lately and my muscles are missing the glory of yoga.


Busting out the TRX this past weekend for a full body workout.

I have a few weeks break from teaching Zumba now that the winter session classes are over and I’m trying to fill all this free workout time! I usually depend on teaching on Mondays and Wednesdays for workouts those days and when I don’t have to, I’m like a kid in a candy store – “what workout should I do today?!”. I’ll be making my way through some workouts I have pinned and some Tone It Up routines I haven’t tried yet. Speaking of which…


It’s baaaaaack!

I’ll be participating in this year’s Bikini Series and it will be my fifth series since becoming a TIU member! This is hands down my favorite challenge Tone It Up puts on since it’s the challenge that first introduced me to K&K years ago. Plus, I’m a #TIUBride this year and have engagement pictures coming up at the end of summer so I have TONS of motivation to kill it this year. This year’s Bikini Series is looking AMAZING so far – I personally can’t wait to try out the 8 week bikini guide. If you’re interested, you can sign up here and let me know! We can check in with one another 🙂

Things I’m Loving – March 2015

Okay, so I missed the boat on this post last week. Usually I try to have these types of posts up the Friday closest to the end of the month but slipped up on March’s post. Whoops.

Nevertheless, here’s everything I was obsessing over in March!

Printable Yoga Flows



You guys know how much I love my Yoga Studio App and free yoga flows on YouTube. However, I’ve been missing my ashtanga primary series practice I used to do 2-3 times per week back when I took regular studio classes. So one day, I decided to google the sequence and give it a try. It felt like I was back in the studio. I’ve been doing a modified version of the primary series (taking out poses I know I can’t do safely on my own) and it’s been wonderful.

Please note that this is not ideal for a beginner to try at home. I took ashtanga classes at a yoga studio on and off for 5 years so I felt comfortable guiding my own practice at home. Even then, I don’t do the complete series because I don’t feel comfortable doing some poses unguided. I highly HIGHLY recommend going to a studio if you’re just starting yoga so you can get guidance into proper form.

Lulu Sale Room

The Regina Lululemon store is the bomb. The staff is super friendly, the store is beautiful, and there’s a big sale room with an amazing selection! As a fitness instructor/enthusiast on a wedding budget, the sale room is my saving grace. Some of my sports bras were on the verge of death and since I go through 5-7 a week (sometimes 2-3 in one day alone!), I need some inventory. I was so happy I found this bad boy in my size



One of the best sports bras EVER.

I also found these super cute leggings



Which was amazing since I basically live in lulu leggings. Plus, they were super fun to wear to Zumba, all sassy with the mesh and whatnot.

The lulu gods must have been smiling on me the day I got these because not only were they 30-40% off but I also got an additional $10 off the sale price on each item. I’ve never seen that double sale action at lulu before but I’m not complaining!

Friday Night Lights Re-Watch



Tim Riggins is back in my life…again. I found Friday Night Lights on Netflix last year and burned through all the seasons in a scary amount of time. Apparently I felt like doing that again because I’ve been re-watching season 1 at an alarming rate this past month.

PS: Is there a more perfect TV couple than Tami and Eric Taylor?



Club Fitz



These two ladies are my fitness instructor idols! I discovered their YouTube videos about a year ago and have followed them ever since. Their choreo and song selection is INSANE! Plus, their energy just jumps off the screen. Exhibit A:

They’re always the first source I turn too when I’m stuck in a Zumba rut or choreo block. Now they’ve launched their own site full of really awesome choreo, info for instructors, and other good stuff. I’ve signed up for a free basic membership that gives me access to tutorials and blog posts where they write about everything from clothing, to class playlists, to advice for other fitness instructors. If you’re a fellow fitness instructor (especially a dance cardio/Zumba instructor), check them out!

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Have a great rest of your Monday!




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Wednesday: Workout Wednesday! I’ll have a new bodyweight workout for you guys (my fave!) plus a new workout playlist

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  1. I'm going to do the TIU Bikini Series this year too. I need to shed the "winter weight" after a winter that's been so cold & blustery before it's time for shorts & swimsuits!!

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