Things I’m Loving – March 2016

Happy Friday friends!

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Today is going to be a pretty great morning for me. I’m headed to what I hope is my LAST physio appointment for my hip injury (yay!) and then I’m off to try on bridesmaid dresses! The hip has been responding really well to the exercises I was given so fingers crossed it’s smooth sailing from here on out.

My hand injury is another story.

Remember when I disclocated my right pinky playing volleyball? Well it’s healed wrong and is all twisted, still swollen, and I do not have full range of motion, so I am now a patient in the rehab hand program here. It comes with some pretty sweet swag


Custom made splints to wear every night! Don’t be jealous. The therapist says these type of injuries can take a year to fully rehab so I better get used to having a terminator hand at night.

Things I’m Loving – March 2016

Don’t worry, I’ve got more than amazing looking finger splints for you on this month’s Things I’m Loving instalment. I’ve discovered a bunch of fun things this month and wanted to share the love.

Beauty Bite Matte Creme Lip Crayon

april12016 beauty bite

I’ve been having a love affair with lipsticks lately. I love how dark shades look on all the beauty gurus I follow on insta, but my style isn’t really that bold IRL. Then I discovered that Sephora has this really awesome app that lets you virtually try on different shades to see how they’d potentially look. I LOVE this app because you could literally spend 7 days and 7 nights in Sephora looking at all their lip products. I wrote down some of the shades I liked using the app and went in store to seek them out. I came out with Beauty Bite’s Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Raspberry and it’s perfect for someone like me who wants to go a big bolder but not too cray. Plus, the style of a pencil makes it really easy to apply and re-apply. I also got Kat Von D’s Studded Lipstick in Wolvesmouth which I’ve used on nights I’ve felt real daring, not it’s not as versatile as my Beauty Bite shade.

Coffee Cocoa Face Mask

apr12016 coffee grounds

Another shout out to beauty gurus on insta! I remember flicking through insta one night and saw a post about using coffee grounds as a DIY face mask. Then I was home early from a serving shift and wanted to get the grossness off my face and decided to take a crack at it after some googling. Here’s the concoction I used:

4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

4 tablespoons coffee grounds

8 tablespoons unsweetened almond milk

Juice from half a lemon (because my skin leans towards oily)

I mixed it all together, put the paste like solution on my face and let it dry. Then I took a hot wash cloth and gently removed it, making sure not to rub too hard since the grounds were a little too harsh to use as an exfoliant. My skin was so smooth and glowy after using this! I’ve keep the mixture in my fridge and will continue to use it 1-2 times a week.

The Fitness Marshall

I have found a new YouTube fitness love.

I was looking for some choreo inspiration and stumbled on this video. INSTANTLY IN LOVE with everything – his choreo, attitude, backup dancers, and especially his commentary. “YOU’VE DROPPED THE DISHES” = me almost dying laughing. He’s got some really great videos on his channel if you’re into dance cardio. My faves so far are Dessert and Work and I can’t wait to check out more.

Align Pant by Lululemon

apr12016 align pant


My lulu gift card from Christmas has been sitting patiently in my wallet, just waiting to be spent. Nothing had been catching my interest in the “oh what a pretty tank/sports bra” department so I put a call out on twitter for people’s favorite lulu leggings. Multiple people said the align pant and OMG I now agree full heartedly. The fabric is so butter smooth and not too tight…just perfect. I’ve gone outside the athleisure realm in these and worn them for an Orangetheory class and they help up under hard core sweat, running, rowing, and weights. Color me impressed.

Someone Knows Something Podcast

apr12016 skspod

My latest podcast obsession is CBC radio show called Someone Knows Something. The podcast host goes back to his hometown in Eastern Ontario to investigate the disappearance of 5 year old Adrian McNaughton. Adrian vanished on a fishing trip with his family in 1972 and they’ve never found a single trace of him. I’ve been describing it as the Canadian Serial to people since that’s basically the style of podcast they seem to be going for. I’m totally hooked and find myself listening to the newest episode the day is comes out. If you loved season 1 of Serial (let’s not talk about season 2…) or are into cold case/mysteries in general, I think you’ll really dig this.


Have a lovely weekend!




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    1. It’s the PERFECT app for that. I’ve been playing in there trying on crazy colours like black, green, and dark purple haha. I’ve updated the post to include the link in case you wanted to give it a try today!

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