Things I’m Loving {October 2015}

Good morning from relaxation station aka the mornings on my days off. The company I work for has an “earned days off” schedule for some employees so I get every second Friday off! I love having these days off to catch up on side projects, house stuff, and just kick back and relax with my morning coffee in a real cup.


Today I’m sharing all the things I’ve been loving in October! Well, I’ve been having a love affair with some of these things for longer than that but I haven’t done a Things I’m Loving post since March. There’s a bit to catch up on 😉

Coloring and Crafts


I’ve been exploring my artsy/creative side ever since my little quarter life freakout and I’ve been LOVING it. Painting is still going strong and I’m now exploring other creative outlets. When Tiny Devotions sent out a free mini coloring book PDF, I decided to get a small pack of pencil crayons and dive on in! It’s been super relaxing and meditative, just like painting. I only have half of one page left to fill in so I’ll have to find some more designs to keep this hobby going. I’ve also been working on some other crafts for the wedding that I’ll be sure to share with you guys later 🙂

Ponchos (aka my “blanket”)

poncho blanket


Dynamite opened up a store in Regina and it’s quickly become one of my go-to stores for cute and affordable clothing. I wandered in there last month and found this poncho that fits my check list – cute, warm, and flowy. Bonus: it’s the perfect plane outfit. It’s basically like wearing a blanket, hence my super creative nickname of “blanket”.

Yes, folks, I work in marketing.

Leggings, big t-shirt, and this blanket = never being cold or uncomfortable on your flight. And no metal for the security line!

2000s R&B Jams

Buzzfeed posted this list of early 2000s R&B songs and it immediately brought me back to high school and early university days. How could I have forgotten about all of these amazing jams?

Things that I don’t love – teens in the comments of the youtube videos for these songs saying things like “OMG I was born in the wrong generation! This is much better music than the songs kids my age are listening to”.

Cut to me crying in the corner because I just realized I’m old enough to have a whole other generation of kids lusting after the music of my high school days. WHOA.


rowing muscles


When I first started going to Orangetheory Fitness, I used to dread the rower. I would purposely avoid run/row days. That’s how much I hated rowing. Then I started to get stronger, faster, and felt more confident on the rower and BAM, now I love it. It gets my heart pumping and is a major full body workout. Plus, I love trying to beat my times on the different distances we do. Give me a competition and I’m fully on board. I might actually attempt a solo row workout at the gym next week….any good ones to pass on?

Raspberries and Chocolate Chips


As seen all over Pinterest. Take a chocolate chip (preferably dark chocolate) and stuff into a raspberry. Proceed to stuff into your face. Repeat.


Past Things I’m Loving


Have a great weekend friends!



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