Things I’m Loving Part 3

Bringing it back because I need to show you awesome things.


I participated in the last half of last night’s fitblog and LOVED IT. If you follow me on twitter, I apologize for flooding your timeline with #fitblog tweets (but not really because it’s awesome). I met some great fit peeps and had some fantastic conversations. I will DEFINITELY be participating next week.

PaleOMG’s apple and bacon rosemary pork burgers

feb13 pork burgers

I made these bad boys last night and oh wow were they awesome. We added a bit too much rosemary (recipe says 1-2tbpns and we did 1.5, probably would do 1 or less next time) but they were still so delicious.

feb13 bacon and apple mike thumb

Mike is  very excited for anything with bacon in it

This recipe is making its way onto our regular rotation – especially now that we found organic local pork at our grocery store for a decent price!

-grey nails


I usually roll with red, pink or nude but I’m digging this look lately.

this jam

feb13 icona pop

I heard it on a Girls episode and have been obsessed ever since. And yes I know all the lyrics so I could join Hannah and Elijah in their next club outing. Sans cocaine, of course. Please tell me someone knows what scene I’m talking about.

-and this Zumba jam:

It ALWAYS gets my class pumped! Don Omar is a Zumba music making god.


What are you loving lately?


5 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Part 3

  1. OMG I went over checking the recipe and it sounds amazing! I need to try those 🙂 It's so much easier cooking a recipe that someone already tried and loved it. Xoxoxo

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