Things I’m Loving

*This sorbet in real fruit shells dessert thingy from Costco.

So insanely refreshing on a hot day. Sad new times: apparently they’re only available in the summer! Glad we bought a deep freeze….


*My steal of a Walmart deal:

If you’re buying DVDs anywhere but the sale bin at Walmart, stop. Remember my amazing deal back in December?

Mike and Sadie are big fans of the series too. Watching an episode before bed has been a ritual around our place lately.


*My amazing weather app reminding me to get my H20 fix.

Best weather app ever.


*The treadmill:

On days when it’s 42 degrees with the humidity at 8pm at night, I’ve been ever so thankful for the gym. I’m still trying to do the majority of my training runs outside, but sometimes you need to abide by the  “better safe than sorry” rule of running in the heat.


*Speed work. Granted, I did do my “track” run on the treadmill, but it got the job done. Interval training is quickly becoming a favorite.

This was last night’s workout: 6 X 400m at 8 minute mile pace. Another thing I’m loving? Having the treadmill bay all to myself during a late night workout because Craven is happening. FYI Non-SKers: Craven is a giant country music festival that happens here for one weekend in July. Regina is DEAD during Craven. My personal FB timeline is filled with posts about Craven. It’s kind of a big deal.

*This meme:

I die. Every. Time.


*The 2012 Reebok Crossfit Games!


I haven’t even TRIED Crossfit, but watching these athletes perform (you can watch live here) is crazy inspiring. I watched the Masters Men’s 60+ category and was blown away. Those dudes would kick my ass!


What are you loving today?


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