Unplugging and Naturopaths

Good Tuesday to you all! Let’s do a bit of a weekend recap, shall we?

This weekend was pretty full! I was MIA on social media/Internet in general and it was kind of nice. I missed a few things (my online pal Tanya completed her first Half Ironman on Sunday!!! Congrats lady!) but as it turns out, my life went on without my checking my phone all the time. Weird, I know 😉 Sometimes, you just have to unplug.

Anyway, the weekend went by waaaaay too quickly…as most weekends do. I hung out with my sister:

jul9 masks

Don’t you want to be our friend?

Went to my spring slo-pitch team’s wind-up

jul9 beer pong


Saw Alice in Chains

jul9 aic jul9 me aic

I missed the “must wear all black and have multiple tattoos/piercings” memo. Felt a bit out of place, but it was actually a really good show!

Did lots of little house things, played two slo-pitch games, went for some runs…you know, the usual summer stuff.

Naturopathic Visit

Yesterday, I went and saw a naturopath for the first time ever. I’ve been having issues with my “female time” (read: it straight up feels like someone is trying to kill me every month) and decided to try a naturopathic way after a co-worker suggested it. It was a GREAT first session that lasted almost 2 hours! I feel like my doctor took the time to really go into detail on all of my health issues and asked me tons of questions so she could fully understand what was happening. She did also did a physical exam and told me all kinds of cool stuff about my body (ie: my sternocleidomastoid muscles are MASSIVE from years of bad posture, which can help explain my frequent neck pains/headaches).



No need for this, apparently my neck is already jacked.

In the end, she gave me a few vitamins and supplements to use to balance out my hormone imbalance. Apparently I have a LOT of estrogen in my body which makes my lady time so painful and awful. Here’s hoping it works!

Weekly Workout Schedule

It’s back!

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 6 miles easy run; abs

Wednesday: arms and back

Thursday: 4 mile track – 800s (warm up 2 miles, run 800m at 5k pace, recovery run 400m. Repeat until 1 mile left. Cool down 1 mile)

Friday: legs and shoulders

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 9 mile long run


Have you ever been to a naturopath?


I’ll see you guys later this week!


One thought on “Unplugging and Naturopaths

  1. i've been to a reflexologist/naturopath. Didn't get much out of it, but I think it really depends on the person you see!
    Hope seeing the naturopath helps you out a lot!!

    and I would totally be right up in there with the masks with you two haha thats my kind of fun!

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