Wedded Bliss

These past few weeks have been some of the best of my life.


Mike and I got married on Saturday, May 28th at Cielo’s Garden in Steinbach, Manitoba and it was perfect.


The entire weekend still feels like a beautiful fairytale. I was prepared for something to go disastrously wrong, since every wedding advice column ever written warns of at least one thing going wrong on your wedding day, but nothing did.


We had a magical day filled with love, family, and friends and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ll write some more concentrated posts about aspects of the wedding later when I get all of the pictures back since those types of posts helped me immensely during the planning phase.


We aren’t taking a honeymoon right away since Mike has a summer job with no vacation time until he goes back to school, so we were back in Regina and back to work on the Tuesday after the wedding. I could not believe how exhausted we were that entire week following the wedding! The wedding weekend took a lot out of us mentally, physically, and emotionally in the best way possible. I think we went to bed at 8:30pm most of those nights following the wedding and sleep like logs every night!

The week after the wedding also proved to be quite exciting since I found out I had gotten a position at work that I had interviewed for the week right before the wedding! It’s a step up on the old corporate ladder from where I am right now and comes with a lot more responsibility, time commitment, and of course a pay raise 🙂 That’s always a lovely thing to have in a single income household of newlyweds! I officially start at the end of June and will be transitioning someone new into my old position all summer so I will be one busy lady.

So between the wedding bliss and the new job news, we’ve been in a hyper state of happiness over here. And between the wedding, some friend birthdays and their wedding related events, and the job celebration, our home routine has been a bit delayed in getting back on track. There’s been a lot of meals out, celebratory drinks, and social stuff that we’ve been prioritizing over clean eating and fitness and I’m actually very okay with it! This summer is shaping up to be an extremely happy and busy one between work, weddings, and planned vacations, so we’re choosing to embrace it. We’re still eating clean when we can but we’re not kicking ourselves for meals out or workouts missed either.


I’m actually going to have to rethink my fitness goals for this summer since I’m currently fighting yet another injury. I woke up the weekend before the wedding with an intense pain in my neck and back and had very limited range of motion in my neck. It’s been present ever since that day and is extremely annoying. I thought I was better last week so I taught my usual Monday Zumba class and went to Orangetheory but that proved to be a huge mistake. Running is completely out of the picture as well as any plyometric exercise since jumping/bouncing is painful. And since the back, shoulders, and neck are kind of key to basically every weight exercise out there, it’s been next to impossible to maintain my previous fitness routine. I’ve been doing a lot of walking and stretching just to keep up some type of physical activity.


I’m the type of person who actually likes to workout and get a good sweat session in, so this injury in particular has been extremely frustrating. However, it’s been a good lesson in understanding my body and accepting it’s limits. I was 100% wrong to try and workout last week and am coming to terms with learning how to heal and rest! That’s a hard thing for me to learn since I freaking love to workout multiple times a week 🙂 So I’ll take this injury as one big rest session and learn to appreciate my workouts even more when I can get back into them. Bright side – I’m going to 1 massage session a week as part of my healing so I get to zen out for 1 hour regardless of what’s going on. That’s been amazing!

Blog Schedule

The months leading up to the wedding were hectic! I didn’t have a lot of time to blog and I actually missed writing. I know that I will have even less time to write with my new job and all our summer events that are happening but I want to aim to do 1 blog post a month. I will probably crank out a few wedding related ones when the pictures are done but I want to get back to writing about health, fitness, and general millennial ramblings.

In the meantime, you can always find me on social media – @freespiritedfit on every thing.

Sending all my love and light to you guys! I genuinely miss talking on here and am happy to be back at it.




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